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04 Apr
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Co To – Paradise for tourists in Quang Ninh province

(Vietnam Tourism Review) – Being called the “Northeast Pearl”, Co To is only 60km from Cai Rong port (Quang Ninh province), famous for dozens of green beaches in the long, pristine and charming…

Except for swimming and relaxing, in Co To, you can also visit primitive forests, lighthouses, memorials and Ho Chi Minh statues, fishing villages, bays, rocks and natural reefs… other or enjoy seafood in the island waters such as nail snails, jellyfish, prickly snail…

Co To lighthouse

Co To lighthouse. Photo: Thanh Chung

For those who like to admire the majestic beauty of nature, the Co To lighthouse is a destination not to be missed. Located on a mountain of over 100m high, Co To lighthouse station is one of more than 30 “the eyes of the sea at night” operating throughout Viet Nam’s territorial waters, this is the ideal place to observe the whole landscape. The island with four sides is blue sea, far away are small fishing vessels anchored in the sea.

Hong Van beach

Hong Van beach is located on the east side of Co To island, far away from a crowded residential area, with sandy beaches, calm water, rolling like lake water due to the blowing of Thanh Lan island from the sea.

To experience more amazing nature of island waters, you can row kayaks or snorkel watching colorful fish… The evening is the most romantic time in this beach, when you can reward A seafood party with fresh squid, shrimp, fish or specialty snails in the sound of waves rippling under the shimmer of delicate arranged lights.

Van Chay beach

Van Chaybeach. Photo: Bui Duan

Located about 6 km from Co To town, Van Chay beach possesses natural mountain scenery, verdant trees and a peaceful sea island, always brings comfortable feeling, lightness and comfort. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Co To island, possessing a velvety sandy beach, especially big waves for visitors to swim in the sea to be able to play with water or participate in sports activities. on the sea… In particular, the sunset time is the ideal time for visitors to see the beauty of the beautiful Van Mo beach, dreaming and fanciful.

Cau My reef

Mong Rong reef. Photo: Trung Jone

A must-see destination when coming to Co To is Cau My reef, also known as Mong Rong reef – located in the south of Co To island. This is the destination with the most spectacular landscape in the whole Co To archipelago.

This area is seen from above with a spearhead view of the sea. Dubbed the “valley of love”, this place has a vast amount of stones, but not the rocks in the caves, but the sedimentary rock system that has been eroded by seawater for thousands of years.

The layers of stacking stones of different colors and shapes make the bridge a special beauty.

The best time is in the summer to enjoy all the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine. However, traveling to Co To at the end of autumn, early winter will also bring you an interesting experience.

To reach to Co To island, it will take you about 2 hours to travel by high-speed train from Cai Rong port. From Cai Rong port, there are 2 trains daily to Co To and vice versa. Currently, Co To built so many new and beautiful guesthouses, hotels costs range from 300,000 to 700,000 VND. Vehicles for sightseeing on the island include: tram from 7 to 16 seats, cars from 16 to 29 seats, motorbikes, double bicycles, single bicycles…

Thao Trinh

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